Monday, January 4, 2010

yak yak yak on the world's most addictive city.....

Mumbai...the city that is the place to be... the city that inspires even the most drab mind to mouth poetry, the most boring brain to create art and the most jaded eyes to dream on...and on, and on...
Born and brought up in this vast and colourful canvas of a city, I'd taken Bombay/Mumbai for granted almost all my life. Then I finally decided to give my wordiness a written form (my friends can breathe now), it was only natural that I turn to my city for inspiration. What is this blog going to be about? About Mumbai, its people, its strange smells and sounds, its ideas, dreams and yes...even the -much talked- about 'spirit of mumbai,' all this from a Mumbaiya who takes pride in being one.
A city which is a giant swimming pool almost every monsoon, where people steal everything from plastic dustbins to manhole covers, where locals are the best albiet the craziest mode of transport, where modern day taxi drivers now turn snooty on you and where people never, ever stop binging on vada pav, bhelpuri or cutting chai, even though everyone from Mc Donalds to KFC is still trying to change that!
But most importantly this blog is going to be my chance to talk my heart out, so brace yourselves for some big time talking...and don't worry I'm not that bad so I'd love to hear you guys talk back...comments, suggestions, ideas and criticism (can't promise on this one) are welcome....keep reading timless Mumbai.

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