Saturday, March 6, 2010

paper bachao.....SoBO style

Decided to go all out and splurge on some great wine and dinner at a SoBo restobar and of my fav food places for whenever (that is probably once a year) I feel rich! (just to confirm that this realization generally occurs before the glass of wine is consumed :) ).
But a notice in the washroom of the place had me in splits. This restrobar sure knows how to lessen paper usage with its innovative bathroom rules....

Bathroom Rules (now at this stage you'de probably expect the waste paper basket or toilet seat lid to be the words that appear next. But surprise surprise!!)

Rule 1- Napkins (tissues they meant) are to be used by guests only.

Rule 2- If you are not a guest please wipe your hands on your pants. (seriously, I am not making this up!!)

So the restaurant policy is simple...if you're not paying the bill, you are not entitled to any amenities, not even the tissue paper... :):) SoBO ki Jai ho....

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