Thursday, January 7, 2010

chal kalti maar....aur paani baccha.

this post's going to be short and....short. This bindass bumbaiya has a killer headache so today the yaking is going to be "cutting." Now this cutting is soon going to be applicable to our water supply, what with Mumbai's water problems increasing each day.
Heard from somewhere that Mumbai has lost 700 million litres of water so far! And by lost I mean lost through wastage, leakage, the prevalnace of illegal water supply because of the water mafia and all. The irony of the situation....we are an island city. Talk about water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Maybe not a drop to drink but the way we are messing with the environment we may be heading towards angering our seas and oceans enough to drown in all the water surrounding our city!
And I can just imagine the "breaking news" that will make in the world media.
Thirsty Island finally gets Water and enough to drown! Ha.....
Leaving you with some serious food for thought. Make a diffrence and start with atleast stopping water wastage.

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