Wednesday, January 6, 2010

its a hatrick!!!....n some gyan time...

Hellooo all my readers...(yes i choose to make the assumption that I have a few, or atleast those friends and acquaintances whose arms I've twisted!) day 3 and I'm still pretty determined to keep going :)
Kinda get envious when I read some of these other blogs....I mean such a wide variety of topics, so many witty lines, anecdotes and all. But then if you really do want to hear some witty gyan, our black and yellow cab drivers are the ones you should turn to. Actually even if you don't turn to them, sit in a cab, utter a word to them and most of them are more than happy to keep talking away till you reach your destination, slighlty bemused and full of different, although mostly unnessecary information., namely the biopic of the taxi driver, his village, the neighbouring three villages and possibly even his home state! Another option is a random comment...
hear this witty man: My friend and I were travelling home by cab and obviously had a lot of gossip to catch up on. Very unluckily for us the cabbie had other ideas and our brains were half fried with a disgusting, remix version of a sad, bordering on vulgarish item number. We politely asked the cabbie to shut it up. A dirty look through the rareview mirror and then...silence...bliss! Lots of laughing, talking and giggling later my freind gets off and the cabbie gets his chance. "Kya maydam...humko bolti hein radio band karo shor nahi chahiye. Par aap ki dost kitna zor zor se hass rahi thi, hum to daar gaye!"
Honestly I had no option but to laugh at his honesty. "Kya karu bhaiya woh radio nahi na. Uska volume control mere paas nahi hai," I laughed, thinking I'd outsmarted him. That was before he drowned out my voice with his favourite, remix version of a sad, bordering on vulgarish item number. So much for being the smarter one!

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